Lombrico of Venice

In 2016 Gerotto decided to dedicate the new Lombrico to Venice, to remember its first works done in the Venetian city.


The Lombrico of Venice has a fully stainless steel structure, including the undercarriage: thanks to this material it was possible to increase the resistance to wear (chemical agent, rust) and increase the weight, obtaining a stronger grip to the ground.

The Lombrico of Venice miniexcavator has completely been redesigned in a modular way, and now it is possible to install a wider range of tools, like:
- Bora nose for the aspiration of muddy materials;
- Frontal auger to crush solid materials;
- Frontal high pressure nozzles for removing oily substances and for cleaning the suction hose;
- Noses (45° and 90°) and buckets adaptable to any kind of need.


 Lombrico S & XXS + Tools
 Heavy Duty Video Inspection
 Mini Excavators