The word “ATEX” comes from the French “ATmosphères EXplosibles”, that means Explosion Proof and it refers to the European Union directive Nr. 34, became effective on the 30th of March 2014. This directive regulates the using of tools in explosion risks zones or in hazardous areas. The IEC classification system recognizes three levels of probability that an ignitable concentration of flammable gases or vapours might be present.
- Zone 0: the concentration is present continuously or for long periods of time.
- Zone 1: the concentration is likely to exist under normal operating conditions and it may exist frequently.
- Zone 2: the concentration is not likely to occur during normal operation; it occurs for only a short period of time and becomes hazardous only in case of an accident or some unusual operating condition.
All the tools should be certified for entering in these areas, in order to guarantee the essential requirements for safety respect.

Lombrico ATEX

Gerotto Lombrico ATEX Zone 1 is a reliable product for cleaning and reclaiming operations in confined spaces and suspected of pollution, contamination and explosion areas.

Video Inspection

Gerotto Federico S.r.l. developed new ATEX Zone 0 certified cameras and LED lights.

Pump Unit ATEX

ATEX pumping system is suitable for jobs in potentially explosive environments like plants, refineries and offshore platforms.

Lombrico AST Cl.

Lombrico AST Cleaning is a hydraulic machine with hydraulic manual control, intended for the cleaning of aboveground storage tanks of petroleum products.

Mini Mover ATEX

Gerotto Mini Mover Atex is a tracks crawler carriage machine totally remote controller and connected to a Hydraulic Power Pack through oil hoses. 

Sludge Extractor


Manage AST Sludge Extractor is a hydraulically powered machine intended for extraction of sludge from Aboveground storage tanks.

Tank Cleaner

No Man Entry technology for oil tank sludge removal: eliminate human presence and ensure safe
suction and cleaning activities.

E-Vac Truck ATEX

With this revolutionary machine, dangerous material can be removed directly inside ATEX zones. Both the vehicle and the tank are ATEX certified [ATEX Marking Ex II (1) 2 G IIB T3] .

Tracked Undercarriages

Gerotto's tracked undercarriages have been designed for creating customized miniexcavators, adaptable to most different environments.


FTC-NME ROBOT is composed by a stainless steel framework with a dissipative wheels system and by a telescopic arm having a water jet-bearing device.

Trolley ATEX

Made of fireproof materials (stainless steel, fire-resistant wood), it has hydraulic drive motors and a hydraulic steering system through hydraulic cylinder.

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